WordPress Training in your
Home or Office

First time in India. get WordPress website training @ your place

Get WordPress training @ your place

Our business and corporate training could give you a head-start into the arena. You could be anyone – an entrepreneur, a business owner, a team leader, the head of a department or you could also own a website.  Through this comprehensive training module we could help you understand the value of your website better.
It is understood that your business website should always be up-to-date. Having said which, you might face communication gaps between you and your website service provider making your site would the brunt of not being always up-to-date. Through our training you could easily manage and update your site yourself, keeping your data secure, even if you weren’t aware of the current technology demands to fulfill those. Worry not, we are here to help.


  1. WordPress for business use
  2. Training based on your requirement
  3. Freedom to choose the points
  4. Select your convenient time
  5. Work on your live website
  6. In depth knowledge of WordPress options

Customized wordpress training at your place

Our customized training program has been crafted around your existing WordPress based website. This could essentially take place on-site, in your offices or at the convenience of your place. We provide on-site customized group training modules throughout Puget Sound in and around Mumbai and Navi Mumbai areas.

Train you or your team to manage your website, independently

We aim to provide training for individuals or groups of up to maximum of 6 people. This ensures that our training is focused and you get full attention to the detailing we put you through. Our training will pan the length and breadth of what your staff would need to know in order to update your website, independently. Our course complexity is designed around your staffs’ existing website knowledge. Advice on search engine optimization (SEO) would also be included.

Ask your quires and get answers

Our sessions are customized to your needs and are interactive, so you have time to ask questions right there, in a hands-on setting. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll find it for you, or, if needed, recommend a developer or service provider to help you.

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