Grow Your Business With Facebook

Learn How To Generate Leads With Facebook, by- Pankaj Singh

Learn Facebook marketing using proven, simple and effective techniques

Hi, If you are business owners, managers, trainers, doctors, architecture, builders or anyone who want to grow their business and looking for new leads without burning cash on dark advertising channels. This training program is designed for you. My vision is to design this program is- “To develop a sustainable lead generation solution for your business using Facebook.” That means you will learn step by step guidance that explains latest and proven Facebook Marketing techniques and enables you to use them properly to get maximum benefits without hiring and sharing your details.


  1. one-on-one video classes
  2. Course Overview
  3. Introduction to Facebook Pages
  4. Market Research
  5. Introduction to Ad Manager
  6. Creating Smart Marketing Campaign
  7. Report and performance tracking

Course Objectives

  • Learn step by step guidance that explains latest and proven Facebook Marketing techniques.
  • Enables you to use Facebook Marketing properly to get maximum benefits from your Investments.
  • Know more about Facebook business pages customization and Facebook Marketing (Ad Manager).
  • Identify your ideal client. Know how your business can get the most out of Facebook Audiences.
  • Ad types, Showcase your product or service professionally and give a better impact your audiences.
  • Tracking delivery and driving performance. Know all the investments and outcomes very clear, for perfect ROI calculation.

Course Benefits

  • Develop, implement and measure a successful facebook marketing campaigns yourself
  • No need to hire any digital marketer to run your facebook campaign
  • Understand your cost per sale and cost per lead
  • Build your email list without the need for a website
  • Generate laser targeted traffic from every post you post on Facebook
  • Get high value and reliable facebook followers for a long time
  • Run and manage your ad yourself without hiring and sharing your details

This training program is PERFECT for

A big or small business owners, Like-Restaurant, Store/Shop, Salon, Clinics, Real estate, Agencies etc.

An Individual/Professionals, Like- Trainers, Coaches, Bloggers, Doctors, Actors, Models, Managers etc.

………………………….anyone who wants to BEAT their competitor without spending big money in Advertisement

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